Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Fabulous Friday!

This awesome Etsy shop was featured in an Etsy Finds email a couple of weeks ago and I was so impressed by her shop that I just had to share!

Now I see a lot of crocheted items in other shops that are cute and cool ideas, but I have to stop and think "would I really use that?" but Diana's shop has the coolest thing ever that I would definitely use!

What a cool idea! If you're like me and opt for the convenience of a Swiffer over a traditional broom, but HATE paying an arm and a leg for refills, this is for you!

She's got some great colors to choose from, and I personally am going to order at least 2 from her so I always have one clean when the other is dirty.

When I think about spending $6-$8 on each refill pack of disposable Swiffer pads (which we go through so fast with tile floors and a double-coated dog) I know the crocheted covers from Ollie's Boutique on Etsy will pay for themselves in just a couple of months.

Thanks to Diana for letting me feature her shop!


  1. what a great idea, i'll have to head over and check them out. Oh how I hate to sweep and I have 3 you know how offen I have too! ;)