Saturday, March 20, 2010

Better Late Than Never... (Fabulous ummm..Friday)

Thanks to a beautiful day yesterday at the Zoo with my 2 favorite people (my son and my hubby, of course) my allergies kicked it up in to high gear and alas........ Fabulous Friday got delayed a bit.

But don't despair - here it is!
This week I wanted to feature one of the amazing artists from the North Dallas Etsy team. She's more than just an active member, she's the president of the team!
Ariela and her mother make these gorgeous button bouquets, and various other pretty things made with buttons!

Check out a few of their creations:

Now, to be honest, I was a traditional bride. I had beautiful flowers, but where are they now?
They were preserved, but they're brown and withered. They're stuck in a box as a keepsake, but it's not like I'm going to set them out in the house.

Ariela's bouquets on the other hand, last so much longer! I've been lucky enough to hold a couple of her bouquets and I can tell you the quality is absolutely amazing. The time, talent and attention to detail that goes in to each and every piece she creates is phenomenal.
I highly recommend her for any non-traditional bride, but don't just take my word for it - check out her shop yourself!
Thank you Ariela for letting me use your pictures and share my thoughts on your FABULOUS Etsy shop!

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