Monday, February 1, 2010

Making Progress but Way Behind

So I'm making progress getting ready for my next show - here are some pretty rings from my green collection. You can see I'm still lovin' lime this year!

Next up are black & white. So far I've picked the beads and stones I want to use.

This is as far as it goes today, though. With a sick kid and hubby the past week I've fallen WAY behind on getting things done around the house. I need to spend a couple of hours updating my shop, too. I LOVE Etsy, but man is it time-consuming updating all 100+ listings to reflect shipping charges going back to normal after a long holiday sale. I'll also be setting up my shop for a huge clearance - moving out the old (discounting 20 items each week) to make room for new styles. The good news for my customers is that it may take me a while (into tomorrow probably) to update all of my listings so if they grab something before I get it changed they still get the free shipping one more day! (and I only do free shipping promos like twice a year!)

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