Friday, January 29, 2010

A Quick Update....

With my son having the flu for the 3rd time this season, plus a fun dose of RSV to boot, I don't have time for much of anything outside of nurturing him back to health (so I'm keeping this short today!). I'm feverishly preparing for my next craft show - February 13th @ Will Rogers Small Exhibit Building in Fort Worth. I'll post more details soon! I've finally got enough earrings made to fill my display without needing to de-list any of my Etsy ones. I'm branching out and doing some new fun things! Next we're on to rings... I've got 2 weeks to make about 90 more to fill my display - lots of rings! They'll be grouped by color this time so it should be easier if you're looking for a specific color. It's so cold, gray and rainy today - not good for photgraphing the new designs. I know I could use a lightbox but I really do prefer natural light! Off to snuggle with my pumpkin!

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