Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here we go!

It's overwhelming, isn't it? There are so many ways to get your thoughts out there - Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, chat rooms, forum threads, Ning, etc, etc, etc. But who's really listening? You can type your heart out for not a single soul to see it. After trying a few of these out, I'll go back to where I started - Blogspot!
to Jenny M Jewels.
I've been creating affordable jewelry for a bit over a year now, and have a shop on Etsy that I just love.
I made a resolution this year to document my journey, and here is where it starts. Following along will give you insight into my creative process, first shot at new creations, tips and tricks, links to some of my favorite shops, information about craft shows where I'll be setting up shop, and ocassionally a special deal or giveaway.
Ok, now on to creating!

Oh, here's a glimpse of my 2 newest rings - available in my Etsy shop today!

One more thing - I am ALWAYS open to comments, suggestions and constructive criticism!

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